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How to play Mortis Ghost’s OFF on a Mac

Hey, OFF has become super popular on Tumblr as of late, and I’ve seen a few lamentations that you can’t play it on a Mac. So I took the Porting Team forums to ask if someone could make a Mac port of the game, and the user SouthTuna was awesome and came up with one. It’s pretty easy to get this to work:

1. Download a program called Wineskin: http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php?page=Downloads

Wine is software that allows you to play Windows games on your Mac. It can get pretty complicated, but Wineskin is pretty basic and you won’t really need to do much with it. You just need to make sure that Wineskin is in your applications folder once you’ve downloaded it.

2. Download the port itself: http://portingteam.com/files/file/7847-off/

You’ll notice the button “download freeware port” at the top right of this page. Download the file contained within. It’s a self-extracting archive, so once you’ve downloaded it, open the file to get it to extract itself. You may get asked what extension you want the file to use when you’re downloaded it; I chose .001. 

3. Extract the archive

As discussed, open the downloaded archive file to start the extraction. It will make a program called OFF appear in the same folder as the archive file. That is the game. You can move it into your applications folder to make it appear in your launchpad. If you open it, it should start the game.

Now, I do get a bit of screen distortion at the top of the screen when playing in full-screen mode, and also when I’m moving between areas. It doesn’t seem to harm the game. You can also minimize it to a window mode by hitting CMD Tab when in the full-screen mode, though you can’t make it go back to full screen afterward without quitting and restarting.

I also got one error message when extracting the archive, which was the following:


It didn’t seem to matter, but I figured I’d let you know I got it too. 

If there are updates to the port or advice on how to deal with problems, those should appear in the forum on the Port site listed above. You can also feel free to contact me, and I’ll do what I can to help (if anything; I by no means fully understand how Wine works, but I’ve used ports before and figured I’d share this if I got someone to make it for me). 

A final (kind of spoilery) note: at one point in the game, you’ll be directed to look inside the game folder for a Read Me file. To find this, you need to right click the OFF game file and select “Show Package Contents” which is just below Open. From there, open Drive C, Program Files, NEW OFF TRANSLATION v 2.0. In that folder you’ll find the Read Me in question.

Anyway, good luck! I hope you enjoy playing OFF. If I have any updates to make on how to use the Port, I will make another post using the same tags. 

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